The Effect of Youth Mental Health Service in Hong Kong

The Effect of Youth Mental Health Service in Hong Kong

As the influence of social media increases, so does the need for a Youth Mental Health Service. All around the world, young people struggle with mental issues that disturb their growth and development. Without proper help, the consequences of those problems could leave long-lasting consequences in the lives of teenagers.

In Hong Kong, an innovative nonprofit organization KELY has been taking care of the well-being of young people since 1991. A group of motivated educators created comprehensive programs that focus on different aspects of mental health. They teach participants how to cope with stress and pressure, how to avoid alcohol and drugs, and how to resist the negative influence of their peers.

With a powerful Youth Mental Health Service, students can maximize their potential. They can focus on positive aspects of their lives, ask for help regarding critical matters decisions, and situations and prevent the consequences of poorly-treated mental health.

KELY Support Group’s programs are mainly created for people between the ages of 14 and 24. These groups need strong support to overcome mental health challenges. KELY designed programs that are easy to understand and they make a long-lasting effect on participants.

Community leaders that are interested in collaborating with KELY Support Group only need to contact the service centre of this organization. They can discuss the plan and start affecting the lives of young people positively. With the Youth Mental Health Service, it will be easier for students to develop mentally and academically and reach their maximum potential professionally and personally.

Jess Christensen